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Motivation Technique To Enhance The Productivity Of The Employee

Question: Discuss about the Motivation Technique To Enhance The Productivity Of The Employee. Answer: The thesis statement is that Whether the productivity of the workers could be enhanced by the manager with the use of motivational techniques. Motivation is vital for the growth of the organization because it enhance the productivity of the employee in an appropriate manner. The contribution of manager is significantly to motivate them effectively towards accomplishing the task. Manager of the organization should follow various motivation techniques to make them happy and feel comfort while performing the task. Motivation technique would not be able to increase the capacity and efficiency of the employee or an individual but also it would be beneficial for the business as well. It is the article based essay which will represent the thesis statement effectively and describe the importance of motivation technique in the organization. It has been analyzed that the efficiency is essential for managing the productivity and it has ability to bring the positive as well as negative environment. Motivation is essential for the factors which are able to disclose recognized or unrecognized talents and skills in an efficient way (Jorge nsen, Bice, Unruh, Akehi, Crockett and McReynolds, 2017). Therefore, the role of manager is vital to enhance the motivation because it would be able to reveal skills and potentials which their works acquire in order of enhancing the efficiency not only in an organization but also in personal life. It has been analyzed by the article that the strength of motivation technique is job satisfaction, improve efficiency, stability of work force, leads to attainment of organization goal, increase the learning capacity and build friendly relationship. The role of motivation technique in job satisfaction is vital because it aids to make them feel that they are working at safer place and their value in the view of organization is valuable. It keeps employee in the organization for a long time and stability of workforce or a long time enhance the good will of the organization in the view of outsiders (Pinder, 2014). Efficiency of the employee can be improved if manager apply right technique over the employee for improving the efficiency. Improved efficiency will not make them unhappy and bored towards the work. It is required for the manager to get engaged with employees in rich manner and invest their time in the resolving the issue of the employee. The performance of employee can be hig h with the effective support of manager in their work. Stability of the workforce is essential from the point of view of reputation. The loyalty from employee is must for the organization and it should remain if they feel that they are the valuable asset for the organization ((Hanus and Fox, 2015). The skills and the efficiency are remarkable for the organization because it will enhance the good image of the organization that will attract competent and qualified individual into a concern. The nature of manager should bee attentive towards his employee because no clarity of concepts brings the misunderstanding which may lead organization into the adverse way. Motivation technique applied by manager is an important because it is able to bring the satisfaction among employees. This can be accomplished by keeping into mind and creating and incentive plan for the advantages of employee. This could be initiated by the manager in the term of monetary and non-monetary incentives, opportunit ies for promotion and appraisal and disincentives for inefficient employees. Every aspect has two parts which describe the positive as well as negative component of scenario. Similar condition is applied with this thesis statement which will describe that the motivation technique applied by manager can have the positive as well as negative impact. There are various reasons has been indentified which may influence the efficiency of the employee while performing the task. These are unhealthy and unsafe working zone, unfavorable relations with the manager and improper relations between the colleague, low motivation, low payment and employee job inconsistency. It is important for the efficiency that the workplace should be appropriate in the term of ventilation and illumination. Otherwise it may lead the low efficiency in the organization. Management plays a crucial role to lead the organization in the way of success (Nuttin, 2014). Manager is an individual who directs employee in the way which is required by the organization to accomplish the goal. Manager can h arm the organization by causing the wage-earner to have the negative emotions, by leading them to accomplish the task halfhearted. Relations between the employees should be appropriate otherwise negative relations may lead them to low morality and demotivation. It has been analyzed by the article that the attitude of the manager should be appropriate towards the client and the employees. Unmotivated employees can be the cause of low efficiency in the organization because they will spread the rumors which may influence the efficiency and the productivity of the employee. It will bring the situation of unnecessary cost and strikes for the management (Marini, Bortolotti, Parenti, Gatto Bonetti, 2014). Motivation rewards in the term of monetary and non-monetary terms may influence the efficiency because when employee is unable to attain the reward and his competitor won it, it will enhance the feeling of covetous to the people who are getting rewarded. Forced by manager to accomplish t he task could be the reason of over-stressed which can bring the attitude of misconception. It has been understood by article that undertaking of the job by employees who is not favorable for the personality of the employee, might lead to them in the condition of restlessness in the workplace (Nurmi, Hagger, Haukkala, Arajo-Soares and Hankonen, 2016). According to my view point towards the thesis statement, I have observed while reading the entire article that motivation technique is essential to amplify the productivity of an employee. The behaviour of organization is dependent upon the behaviour of the manager and the organization. It has been studied in the journal of Guclu and Guney, (2017) that several employees are left their job due to job satisfaction and move further for job switching. The impact of terrible management forces them to leave their job or job switching. Employee engagement is essential for motivating them in an adequate manner. There are various factors such as communication, performance management and individual strength which are able to amplify the employee engagement and efficiency of the employee. It has been observed by me that communication plays a vital role while interacting with the employee because it is essential for the employee to have the clear knowledge about the vision and mission of the org anization. I would recommend that manager of the organization should focus n the strength of the employee and try to reduce the ineffectiveness or weakness of the employee. The facility of training and development may enhance the productivity of an employee. There are so many theories related to motivation that should be applied by manager to improve the efficiency of the employee (Csikszentmihalyi and Wong, 2014). I am in the favor of the thesis statement and do agree because motivation technique is able to enhance the productivity of an employee in the perfect manner. There are so many motivation techniques which may lead organization the way of success and able to enhance the productivity towards the accomplishment of the task. Job satisfaction can be brought by the motivation technique which is applied by the manager (De Grip and Sauermann, 2013). Motivation technique can be distinguished in to the creative positive work environment, set goal, share profit, provide incentives and conduct the program of rewards and recognition. A motivation technique can manage the employee and reduce the unwillingness towards the work. My stake point in the support of thesis statement is that manager should consider productivity of an individual and disclose the strength of the employee in the organization. I would like to recommend that manager should consider individual and motivate them by asking their issues and conflicts within an organization, possible solution and support should be given by manager so that individual can feel that he is valuable for the organization and this attitude make him loyal towards the organization. Psychological need of the employee should not be neglected by the manager and should be prioritize by an organization. It has been concluded that motivation technique is crucial for the success of the organization. It does not affect the individual but also an entire organization in an adequate manner. This essay has been made on thesis statement which described the importance of motivation technique to enhance the productivity of the employee. Strength and weakness has been elaborated of motivation technique applied by manager. I made my viewpoint in the favor of thesis statement and agree with it because it has been analyzed by me with the help of article that motivation has the ability to change the mind and thinking of an individual ad employee about the organization and work. It is required to the manager to opt correct technique in the organization for motivating the employees. References Chemolli, E., Gagn, M. (2014). Evidence against the continuum structure underlying motivation measures derived from self-determination theory.Psychological Assessment,26(2), 575. Csikszentmihalyi, M. and Wong, M.M.H., (2014). Motivation and academic achievement: The effects of personality traits and the quality of experience, InApplications of flow in human development and education(pp. 437-465). Springer Netherlands. De Grip, A. and Sauermann, J., (2013). The effect of training on productivity: The transfer of on-the-job training from the perspective of economics,Educational Research Review,8, pp.28-36. 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