Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Frankenstein as Gothic Literature Essay -- Mary Shelleys Frankenstein

In what ways can Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Be considered as a Gothic novel? Can Gothic literature still appeal to us today? Gothic Literature was most popular from about 1764 until 1832, a period of nearly seventy years. At this time there were many successful and famous authors who wrote books which contained a somewhat 'gothic theme'. These include the famous Brontà « Sisters with the novels 'Wuthering Heights' and 'Jane Eyre', both of which can be found on many modern bookshelves of today. As well as the famous sisters, well know authors, of the time, also included Ann Radcliffe with her 'Mysteries of Udolpho' and Horace Walpole's 'The Castle of Otranto'. Amongst the most famous Gothic writers Mary Shelley can also be found with her chilling story of 'Frankenstein'. Each book of this period will have contained some key characteristics to make it distinguishable from other books in history. The characteristics deal with aspects of the story or novel, and are usually very prominent within the book. These include the setting, nature, atmosphere, presence of the supernatural, plot, characters and language of the story. Mary Shelley, when writing 'Frankenstein', may have been influenced by other Gothic writers of her time, as well as ideas and events, which took place around her. At the same time that Shelley wrote 'Frankenstein' there were many new discoveries taking place and scientific research was just reaching a higher level. Shelley had a great understanding of the scientific debates and discoveries of her time and this was due to her inquisitive streak for the new discoveries in chemistry, and the secret life that it might provide. The first stages of the Industrial Revolution were also taking pl... ...periences with a 'creature from another world'. This follows the gothic theme of the supernatural and Stephen King is definitely a very popular author of today and is also well know for his novel 'Carrie', which has also been made into a film. Written in 1974, it is said to be a 'very scary story' where a girl, bullied at school, finds out she has abnormal powers which she uses to seek revenge over her bullies. A typically Gothic theme and yet still very appealing. As well as King there are many other modern Gothic authors including Christine Feeham with her Scarletti Curse (2001), Evelyn Rogers with Devil in the Dark (2001) in addition to The Wolf of Haskell Hall by Colleen Shannon. These are just a few, but in turn they prove that Gothic Literature can still appeal to us today if horror, mystery, supernatural and 'dark' stories are what you like to read.

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